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The Interferometer included with the system is low cost, small footprint, and easy to use. It is a 10x interferometer non-contact optical profiler that uses phase-shifting interferometric technology combined with an optical microscope to provide a non-contact 3D method of measuring the roughness of surfaces from the sub-nanometer to the micron scale. Areas in scale from microns to millimeters may be imaged rapidly. Operation of the interferometer is easy, just like a microscope. First, set-up the piece to be scanned under the objective, then bring it into focus, and in a few seconds you have a precise high-resolution image of the surface. Finally, a variety of filters and options allow you to achieve the best possible image.


The Interferometer output provides basic finish parameters and information. In order to improve this output, the system uses a post- processing software package that enhances the data produced by the interferometer. This software outputs a wide range of surface finish parameters, bearing area curves, and other highly useful graphical displays, allowing you to obtain the best possible understanding of your surface. The post-processing software could also be utilized to examine porosity or pullout from the machining process, the level of protruding particles in hypereutectic aluminum alloys, and other features.




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