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Automated Digital Light Gage

Written by Toni Werre.

The Automated Digital Light Gage Provides Automated Measurement of Light Tightness. 

Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that manual light inspection results in some light defective rings being found in acceptable rings and some light acceptable rings found in the rejected rings.  The Automated Digital Light Gage assures greater accuracy than manual inspection.


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SEE 3-D a® (automotive)


The Cylinder Bore Surface Replicator was developed to study the change in surface finish and amount of wear in an engine.  By utilizing a unique, two-part silicon rubber compound, the Cylinder Bore Surface Replicator makes a highly accurate 3-D copy of the cylinder’s surface.  This replicate can then be scanned by a noncontact surface analyzer to produce all the vital surface finish data you need.  Simple, easy to understand data outputs clearly display the data, which helps you better control your machining process and produce the best possible product.

The CKE SEE 3-D Three-Dimensional Surface Evaluation system consists of three components.  The first is the SEE 3-D replicate head, which is a nondestructive cylinder bore replicating device utilizing a proprietry replicate material to create high reolution molds of the bore surface.  The second component to the SEE 3-D system is the ZeGage white light interferometer used to map the surface of the mold in three dimensions.  The third is the customized SPIP software that quantifies up to thirty 2D and 3D surface characteristics, including Cross hatch Angle, Proosity and Torn and Folded Material.  The system allows for quick, accurate and nondestructive cylinder bore surface finish analysis that can be used to control finishing processes and reduce wear and oil consumption in internal combustion engines.




Features & Advantages
  • Accurately reproduces cylinder bore surface finish and wear pattern
  • Accurately measures hone line angle
  • Minimal setup time
  • Provides 2-D and 3-D data (RK, RPK, RVK, Ra SK, SPK, SVK, Sa)
  • Variable leg length for a variety of bore sizes
  • Full integrated system
  • Software capable of more than 30 common parameters
  • Samples are storable and indefinitely available for analysis at any time
  • No possibility of probe damage
  • Dispensing system creates little or no mess
  • Quantifies cross hatch angle, porosity and torn & folded material
Cast Iron Surface with Crosshatch                       Bearing Area Curve
Roughness Parameters
Sizing Information
  • For bores between 75mm-145mm(2.95"-5.708") and lengths up to 120mm (4.75")
  • Sizes above 145mm (5.708"), can be produced; see SIZING CHART
  • Top plate that mates with specific parameters can be made
  • Most lead times will be 4 to 8 week

                  3-D Surface                            Silicon Particles at Surface

       Hypereutectic Surface with Silicon        Porosity Distribution below Surface

BEE 3-D® 

The cylinder bore geometry gage quickly checks bores for roundness, cylindricity, and straightness.

The BEE 3-D® system is computer controlled to give quick, accurate results to 1.0 micron (.000040”).

The system is used by engine manufacturers at all stages – initial design and testing, production quality control,  wear testing, and torque plate validation.


cylinder bore gage BEE 3D
Features & Benefits
  • Directly calculates ring face-to-cylinder bore void area
  • Requires no cylinder head modification
  • Measures shape at top ring turn-around
  • Top and bottom clamps automatically locate gage in cylinder bore
  • Dual measuring probes minimize measurement time
  • Windows-based software
  • Precision probes are protected from damage
  • Precision probes have replaceable contact tips
  • Adjustable clamp height
  • Cost-effective

Range Capability:  (for Model 10A)
Diameter – 225-305 mm (8.85-12.0")
Length – 254-457 mm (10-18")
-other size ranges available (2.5”-12”)

Precision (design objectives):
Roundness < 1.5 μm
Cylindricity < 1.5 μm
Parallelism < 1.5 μm

System Components:

  • Mechanical measuring device
  • Electrical control/interface module
  • TrueRond display software with integrated ring conformability model
  • Laptop computer with proprietary Windows-based control software

Software Features:

  • Calculates void area between the ring and measured bore based on ring tension, material, and other parameters
  • Easy-to-use Windows-based program
  • 3-D measured bore can be viewed in a CAD-like environment making it easy to zoom and rotate to focus on any area of the cylinder bore
  • Easy-to-read color gradients for displacements of the cylinder bore

Hardware Features:

  • Measures to 0.251 (6.4m) of top of bore with cylinder head in place
  • Clamps at both ends of the shaft for effortless centering of gage in bore
  • Sliding rear clamp to accommodate different bore length
  • Ability to measure with cylinder head attached without modifying head
BEE 3D Results, Roundness Testing Gage

BEE 3D test results cylinder gage


SEE 3-D i® (industrial)


The Small Bore Surface Replicator was developed to examine the surface finish in difficult-to-measure small bores. Small diameter parts with critical surface finish features can prove very difficult to measure with standard equipment. By leveraging technology used to create precise surface finishes on small bores, C-K Engineering has created a surface measurement system that can reach where no profilometer can.  A two-part silicon rubber compound is used to make a 3-dimensional negative copy of the bore surface, which then can be analyzed with a non-contact surface analyzer to provide all the vital surface finish data you need.  The Small Bore Surface Replicator will allow you to accept or reject parts on the basis of surface finish from anywhere along the bore, not just on the ends, or from estimates made with visual equipment.

Features & Advantages
  • Accurately reproduces cylinder bore surface finish and wear pattern
  • Minimal setup time
  • Provides 2-D, and 3-D data (RK, RPK, RVK, Ra -SK, SPK, SVK, Sa)
  • Fully integrated system
  • Wide range of bore diameters and lengths (any bore can be replicated)
  • Samples are storable indefinitely and available for analysis at any time
  • No fragile probe
  • Dispensing system creates little or no mess

3-D Image


2-D Image
Sizing Information
  • For bores between 0.370"-0.495" diameter and lengths of 3", 5", 8", and 9"
  • For bores between 0.495"-1.031" diameter and lengths of 4", 6", 9", and 10"
  • Other sizes are achievable within a 4 to 8 week leadtime



Roughness Chart
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Digital Feeler Gage

Written by nasir.

CCDSCF0305 The C-K Engineering Digital Feeler Gage is a unique tool for measuring the end clearance of piston and sealing rings.
Using simple techniques, the Digital Feeler Gage is an easy-to-use digital tool for accurately and precisely measuring end clearance on a wide variety of rings.
Consisting of a tapered feeler blade integrated with an digital reading devise with 3 options for data transfer, the  Digital Feeler Gage eliminates operator interpretation and reduces measurement time and error rate by 50% 
Features & Benefits
  • Simple, rugged and capable in typlcal manufacturing environment
  • Digital tool provides data transfer options
  • Accurately and precisely measures end clearance on a variety of rings
  • Provides three (3) data output options
  • Digital display with manual data transfer - eliminates operator interpretation
  • Digital display with wired data transfer - eliminates manual data transfer errors
  • Digital display with wireless data transfer - can transmit from multiple devices to one data collection system
  • Error of measurement is <50% than observed with traditional feeler blade
  • Output is downloaded to data collection system (Options 2 & 3)